Who? What? Where? Why? and How? You become a Realtor.

Where to begin?  This journey began with me looking for a job in the field where I used to work, Retail Fixture Manufacturing.  I could not find a job that I felt that I belonged in.  Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  I always found myself searching for houses in my free time, or just when I got bored, so I thought I’d explore the idea of becoming a REALTOR®.  I first went online to search for the top Brokerages in St. Louis and applied to a few of them.  I went on a couple interviews and realized where I belonged, CB Premier Group.  They offered to help pay for the schooling needed to take and pass the test.  I was one of the lucky ones who was able to pass the test on the first try; oh, how I wish I could know the exact percentages that I got.  Like everyone else, all I know is that I did better than 70% on the national portion and 75% on the Missouri portion.

After passing the test, I had to be fingerprinted for a background check.  It completely makes sense to get a good background check on new REALTORS(r) because, who would want someone with a sketchy history going through your house in your absence?  I know I wouldn’t.  I passed the background check, as I knew I would, which resulted in a trip to Jefferson City to go get my license, or at the time, my temporary work permit., This allowed me to begin my actual training, which began on July 9.  My Broker provides top of the line training that shows the new REALTORS® the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful.  Those two weeks of training were crucial.  I now know how to operate my Facebook Business Page, Matt Wroughton Realtor, expertly advertise, hold Open Houses, etc.  The hardest thing for me, still, is door knocking.  I think its mostly because I have always hated people knocking on my door, selling anything.  No, I’m not asking people to sell their house., I’m just introducing myself, so they might think of me if they, or someone they know, is thinking about a move.  I’m still not comfortable with this process, but I’ll eventually get over it and use that approach to help grow my clientele.

Although I am still loving my decision to jump into Real Estate, there are still challenges.  I am brand new in a business where having your own clientele and sphere of influence is crucial here are many more experienced and established REALTORS® in Missouri, St. Louis, my specific areas, and even my Office and that makes it difficult to break in.  As in everything new, the first one will always be the hardest.  I did not escape that truth.  I just missed my parents selling and buying a house, my cousin buying a house, and two friends selling and buying their houses.  Those all would have been great for me getting in the business and would have put some much-needed money in my pocket.  At the time, none of them knew I was becoming a REALTOR®.  I’m not bitter at all, I swear.  Oh well, off to the other people in the city who need my help.  More on that to come on a later post.  I am still working hard, doing all the little things that I was taught in the excellent training that I received at my office.  If you are considering making the jump to Real Estate, please reach out and I’ll answer all the questions that I can.  I’m sure you can do it, and I’ll try to get you into my office if you’d like, it’s a great group.  Have a great day and lets go see some houses.

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